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I am a brazilian composer, audio director and sound designer since 2010, worked in more than 20 games and animations including Aritana And The Twin Masks, Aritana and the Harpy's Feather, Cueio and Friends, Sand Bullets, Miura Jam and others.


2014 - SBGames Award – Best Sound Winner (Aritana and the Harpy´s Feather)
2015 - Best Original Music - Concurso de Composição Opus



I have a major in sound technician at CDAudio and in Eletric Guitar and Classical Piano at Souza Lima Music Conservatory (affiliated with Berklee College of Music), where I could attend classes taught by renowned masters such as Lupa Santiago, Ciro Visconti and Pollaco Oliva.


More than 200+ thousand views on social networks

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